Thursday, July 3, 2014

spring themed water transfer

Here is another activity center we explored during our week of Over in the Meadow. Silicone birdie trays were set out in our small sized baking pans along with a glass jar of tinted water and an eyedropper. The children worked on water transfer using the eye droppers and then...after a fashion some pouring happened. It was interesting to observe how they reacted when they attempted to pour the water from the trays back into the jars. We have happy colored sponges at the sink that we use for clean up and the children, all on their own used those sponges to wipe up the water that went all over the table. Some decided to use their own hand towels for clean up and even after they spilled they tried it again and again. We even had one industrious young one that was really excited to transfer the water back into the jar from the birdie tray using the eye dropper. How's that for focus?

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