Monday, October 13, 2014

book nook: little blue and little yellow

Our first week of school was full of all things blue and yellow to go along with the book Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni. Here are five fun things we did in the classroom that you can do at home.

1. Color Mixing: Grab three small glass container such as juice glasses or baby food jars. Fill each a third of the way full with water. Leave one jar clear with just water, in the other two add liquid food color or liquid watercolor so that you have two jars each filled with their own primary color. Add a pipette or eyedropper and let your little scientist get to mixing. Have a towel nearby as some kiddo prefer to pour.

2. Circle printing: Gather an assortment of cylinders and/or tubes  (we used empty bean cans and paper towel tubes) for your kiddo to print with. Fill a tray, plate or cookie sheet with blue and yellow paint. Set out a large sheet of paper and let yer kiddo print away. The more they print the more the paint mixes and soon they will have three colors to print with.

3. Play Dough Mixing: Whip up your own play dough in blue and yellow (or other combo of primary colors). Set out rolling pins, cookie cutters, and citrus juicers (The Dollar Tree is where we found ours) and let the magic happen. Chances are your kiddos will squish away until their blue and yellow play dough turns green. We did this a lot in class often retelling the story as we played (And they hugged and they hugged until they turned green). Click here for the scrumdilly-do! recipe.

4. Pom pom sorting: Pick up a pack or two of pompoms from your local craft store or dollar store. We used a collection of poms pulled from a variety pack and from a single color pack purchased at Michael's (we purchased one blue and one yellow). Find two small bowls or baskets similar in size. Use the bottom of each bowl as a template to cut out a small circle of colored paper to place inside. We used blue and yellow but you can use any colors you like. The paper we used was from a scrapbook pack we have.

5. Circle sorter puzzle: This one is something you need to buy. I found ours on Zulily but you can find them online as well.

Not pictured is shaving cream color mixing, painting on a sphere, paper plate painting, curler stacking, pipecleaner and bead bracelets, blue and yellow collages, and blottos.

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