Friday, October 3, 2014

tea tasting in the classroom

 We spent a day investigating tea. There was tea scented play dough, tea painting, tea blending, and tea tasting...herbal of course. It was such a treat for the kiddos to explore tea this way. I do believe this was my favorite theme to set up.
We sampled three kinds of herbal tea and talked about them before brewing. The children learned new vocabulary as we discussed teas, tisanes, flowers, buds, etc. We sampled a globe amaranth with a little bit of sugar for sweetening, chrysanthemum tea, and eight treasures tea (which includes waaaaay too many pieces of rock candy/sugar. I removed all but 1 for brewing). I used a couple of small tea pots like this only smaller and less expensive (I picked them up from World Market but htey no longer carry them) and we sampled our tea from sake mugs which are perfectly sized (and priced) for wee hands. The children were quite solemn as they sampled the tea. Their favorite to look at was the globe amaranth. Their favorite to drink was the chrysanthemum though not a drop was left from each flavor. They even asked for seconds. The teas were brewed at the required temperatures but sampled after a bit of cooling so as not to cause any burning. This was so much fun! Have yo uever sampled tea in your classroom?


  1. Love this!
    You can see another, different, "tea-tasting" experience we had fun with here!:

  2. What a GREAT idea! I think I'll try that with our girl scout troop--we are investigating China after the winter break and tea will tie in nicely.