Sunday, January 8, 2012

ten hats in ten days: construction paper beanie

 All you need for this one is construction or scrap paper and a roll of tape. You can also use a stapler or glue if you like.

*construction or scrap paper
*hole punch
*pom-pom, yarn or tissue paper (optional)
Cut your kiddo a hat band. I used up an assortment of scrapbook paper. You can use any sturdy paper or even repurpose some of your kiddo's art work. Join the ends of the hatband to create a circle.
 You will need one strip of paper that can be taped from one side of the band to the other. Use tape to secure the crown and give it some length so that it will sit on your kiddo's head. Punch a hole in the center with the hole punch.
Cut four more strips, half the size of the first strip and tape into place along the hat band. Punch a hole at the top of each strip.
Arrange your paper strips so that punched holes overlap. Insert the brad and fold open the ends. 
Add a pom-pom or other bit of aplomb to the top if you like. Pop it on a noggin and have a hat party!

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