Saturday, January 7, 2012

ten hats in ten days: felt and paper jester hat

 Ring them bells! This easy to create hat makes for a great dance party accoutrement. All you need is some felt and paper from around your home.

*2-3 pieces of felt (your average felt sheet 8"X11")
*fabric/tacky glue
*needle and embroidery thread
*four bells
*heavy paper
Cut a long strip of paper for your hat band. My band was made from two strips taped together. 
 Gather your felt pieces and cut into four triangles. The easiest way to do this is to fold a felt piece in half width-wise and cut up from the bottom at an angle to the middle of the top. You will get three triangles this way. Repeat until you have 4 triangles. Trim them down if you wish to use more triangles.
Flip your hat-band preferred side down on your work surface. Arrange your triangles so that they slightly overlap, keeping sure to not put a single triangle directly over the front center of the band. Otherwise your kiddo will have a difficult time seeing!
Glue felt pieces to paper using a fabric or tacky glue. Set aside to dry.
Use a needle and thread to loop a bell to each point. An easy way to do this is to push your needle and thread through the tip of a triangle until almost all the way through. Before passing completely through the felt, bring the needle back through to meet the loose tail and thread through a bell. Tie of ends and trim with scissors. Repeat for each bell.
Tape ends of hat band to create your jester's hat. Pop on your kiddo's head and have party!

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