Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ten hats in ten days: box tops!

Here's a fun project for a kooky chapeau. All you need is some paint, glue and a wee box prime for recycling.

*small empty box (a juice box is good)
*hole punch
*yarn or ribbon
*paint & paint brush
*tacky glue
*faux flowers and other glueable bits
Grab a small box for your kiddo to paint. A juice box, small cookie box or paper maché craft box will work. Have your kiddo paint it up and set aside to dry. You can also use paper and/or fabric scraps to cover the box.
Once dry, punch two holes opposite each other. If your box is too thick for the hole punch, use an exacto knife or awl to create holes. DO NOT hand your kiddo a blade for this part, this is up to you. Grab a length of yarn and tie a knot in the end. Slide a safety pin into the knot and poke the whole shebang through one of the holes so that the knot tucks inside the box. Repeat with a second stand of yarn for the other side.
Slather the top of the box with glue and have yer kiddo add their happy bits. Set aside to dry over night. 
To wear, pop the hat atop the noggin and tie under your kiddo's chin or behind their hair. Happy hat wearing!

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