Tuesday, January 31, 2012

be my valentine: you drive me wild

 Here is a fun valentine project that will allow your kiddos to do a little drawing, a little cutting and a little gluing. Have fun!

*small pieces of cardstock, atc sized or larger
*printed/origami paper
*glue stick
*white glue

Cut a piece of origami paper down to the same size as your card stock. I traced around my card stock instead of cutting. Flip over to the back and have your kiddo draw a car shape without wheels. Use your scissors to cut out the car, have your kiddo do the cutting if they can. 

Have your kiddo write their valentine message on one side of the cardstock with marker or colored pencils. "Valentine, you drive me wild" "is a kitschy as you can get here.
 Slather the back of the car shape with glue stick and stick to the other side of the cardstock. Add a glue blob to the back of a button and plop it down for a tire, repeat for a second tire and set aside to dry.
Once dry, have your kiddo add detail to their car using markers if they wish. You can also have your kiddo stitch their button wheels on with embroidery thread. You can use a small hole punch to punch two holes into the card stock where your kiddo wants the button to be.
 Beep! Beep!


  1. Just stop Jessica!, this is too much for my little happy heart to handle. I loooove all of your valentines!!!!!

  2. This is just too cute and very easy. Thank you for a lovely little valentine project!

  3. ui.... i love this one... your blog and fotos are beautiful!