Friday, January 27, 2012

be my valentine: nuts for you

 Greetings happy doers! Today's happy valentine is super easy to make with plenty of room for variation, with the added benefit of being allergy free! Have fun! 

*small atc sized cards or index cards cut in half
*ink pad
*small googly eyes 7mm or smaller
*origami/construction paper
*glue stick
*scissors, pinking shears and/or border punch
  Grab your materials and have your kiddo gently press her/his thumb into the ink pad and smoosh it onto the paper near the top. Flip the card over so the thumb print is at the bottom and add another print above and slightly touching the first print. It should sort of look like a peanut.
Have your kiddo draw a series of diagonal lines across their soon-to-be peanut and then more across them to create a peanutty texture. Glue on your googly eyes with a small dab of white glue and add a valentine message. Your kiddo can use hand write their message, draw hearts or use alphabet/heart stamps to embellish. 
Grab a sheet of origami or construction paper and cut a rectangle about half an inch larger around than your valentine card. Use a pair of pinking shears to trim the rectangle or use a border punch to pretty it up. Use a glue stick to flue the valentine to the punched paper. My pics show the gluing first then the punching but it was tricky to make sure to NOT punch through the valentine, so I would advise punching the paper before the gluing. Don't forget to have your kiddo sign the back of their card!
You can also have your kiddo make one fingerprint peanut sans eyes. Add your lines and scan the image into your computer. Print out larger images to your liking and have your kiddo add eyes and sign. Or, you can make the card on a thinner weight paper that you then machine-stitch to a kiddo painted background card. See? So many options! Happy almost-heart day!

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  1. TOO MUCH JESSICA!!! Too much cuteness and I just can't stand it. THANKs for always giving us a huge dose of happiness!!!!!