Thursday, January 12, 2012

ten hats in ten days: old school party hat

 Cone party hats are always a blast, grab yourself a large sheet of paper or newspaper and get to it!

*large sheet of paper
*hole punch
*crepe paper streamer
 There are of course far easier and precise instructions for making a true cone shaped party hat. If you would like something more accurate a quick internet search will bring you all sorts of instructions. for this hat, I used one large square of scrapbooking paper. Grab a square and draw a curve along one edge. Cut out with scissors and fold in half.
 Open up your soon-to-be party hat and give your kiddo a bottle of glue and have them draw a long line of glue along the curved edge. Tear a length of crepe paper streamer and add it to the glue along the edge. You can crinkle and/or fold it up to create texture if you like. Tape down rough edges to keep from itching up yer kiddo's forehead.
Grab another length of crepe paper, about 8" or so and fold in half. Tape loose ends and use scissors to cut almost all the way through. Use a strip of tape to affix at the top of your hat.
Fold hat back in half and tape along the edge to seal. Use a hole punch to punch two holes across from each other at the base of the hat. Add a length of knotted yarn to each hole. 
Pop that puppy atop your kiddo's noggin, tie under the chin and have a party, just because.

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