Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Start your own book club!

This may be old hat to some of you but just in case I thought I would point y'all to Target's Ready! Sit! Read! book club organizer and generator. It's pretty cool plus you get this nifty backpack and extra goodies designed by J. Otto Seibold of Mr. Lunch fame. The cool thing about Ready! Sit! Read! is that you can print out all sorts of templates for journal pages and lists to help you out. Of course you don't HAVE to do any of that but it's a great jumping off point. You may also want to try your local library or bookstore to see what type of book clubs and storytime programs they offer.

Lookie these goodies I recently received. Bookmarks, stickers and pamphlets...oh my! So, check out Target's Ready! Sit! Read! and create your very own official bookclub. You can't lose! Books are a wonder! Please feel free to ask me for reading recommendations. I have so much info in my head I don't know where to start sharing!

Other online book clubs:
Planet Book Club
Spaghetti Book club by kids, for kids!
Annie's Homegrown Book Club
Children's Braille Book Club


  1. I went to check out the site and sign my daughter and myself up for a club, but I didn't see anything about that wonderful book bag. Was it a limited time offer thing?

    Thanks for posting about this. I found your site after stumbling on your wonderful flickr pics. I think you have wonderful sense of color.

  2. Oh no! It was so long ago when I did it, I don't remember if it was a special offer or not. I created a club and it asked for my mailing info and then I forgot about it. The backpack of goodies arrived more than a year later! At least they still have the downloadable stuff...I'm so sorry about that!

    Thank you for the props on my pics. Now I've got the warm fuzzies!

  3. Thank you! I started our book club during Spring Break and just a few days ago, the book bag came. I completely forgot about it so it was such a wonderful surprise. we love love love j.otto.

    I blogged it here. http://monkeyporkbun.typepad.com/monkeyporkbun/2007/05/bullseye.html
    Thanks again.