Saturday, March 17, 2007

A wee bit o' green fun!

Make today a day of green. I'll try to post some pictures later but we're off for a bike ride in 4 minutes so I must type fast! Yikes! Here's a list of green fun you and yer family can try!

*Have a green breakfast! Add a drop or two of food color to your kidlet's milk.

*Make green milkshakes

*Hand your wee one a disposable camera and go on a green scavenger hunt!

*Mix green. Give your kidlet's some yellow and blue paint and have them make their own green! Use different shades of blue and yellow and have some white and black out for them also. Expirement and chart their creations!

*Collect green paint chips from the paint store and make a collage. Or, gather all the green craft materials you have and create something green!

*Serve an all green lunch or dinner. Have the wee ones come up with ideas!

*Make green cupcakes! Check out this zucchini cupcake recipe!

Most of all have fun! I'll post some pics when I get back! Happy Day!

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