Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another NAME book & some fun!

Written and Illustrated by Niki Daly
Published by Aladdin Books 1985

I really adore this book! It has story, style and generations of love and helpfulness. Malusi heads out to the city with his Grandma Gogo. She is a lady who takes things slowly as does Malusi. Together they make a great pair. When Malusi sets his eyes on a pair of red sneakers and Gogo gifts them to him it is all he can do to take is slow with his Gogo.

I chose this book for names because it talks about nicknames and the power of love and family. It may be a little long for your young three year olds but I think it is the perfect length for five and six andmaybe even older. Have them read to you!

scrumdilly-do it: Shoe Painting

Get out yer kidlets oldest stinkiest pair o' shoes and have them make a walking picture. Spread out large large large sheets of blank paper, giftwrap or an old sheet and secure it with masking tape.

Have your wee ones put on their sneakers and paint the bottom of one shoe with oooey gooey acrylic of biocolor.

Once done, help them up and have them "walk a picure" on the paper! Let dry and display!

You can also give their shoes a good wash and have them paint the entire pair for some fashionable fun later!

scrumdilly-do it: Nature Walk Bracelet

Take a nature walk if the weather permits. Wrap a piece of 2 inch wide masking tape, sticky side out around yer kidlet's wrist.

As you walk about your neighborhood have them scavenge bits o' nature to stick on their nature bracelet. Make sure to encourage found nature and not the plucking kind unless it is from your own yard. 

Once home you can dettach the bracelet, cover with clear packing tape or contact paper, punch a hole at the top, add yarn or ribbon and turn it into a bookmark or window hanging. Really, the possibilities are endless!


  1. Oh, we can't wait to do the nature walk bracelets. We will have to wait a few more months here in WI. Or would snow stick to them?

  2. What cute and clever projects! I don't know any children, I wonder if I could convince my husband to go on a nature walk? :)