Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Ah, books about names. Loving our names, hating our names, long names, short names, you've got it. First up is a favortie favorite by Mem Fox of course with the most whimsical illustrations by Julie Vivas!

Wilfrid Grodon McDonald Partridge
Written by Mem Fox
Illustrated by Julie Vivas
Published by Omnibus Books (a div of Scolastic) 1984 in Australia & Kane Miller Books 1985 in the U.S.

What a beautiful pairing of characters! The young Wilfrid Grodon McDonald Partridge and the older wiser and slightly forgetful Mis Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper both share the trait of having four names. when Wilfrid overhears his parents talking about Miss Nancy's memory loss he decides to help her out. Wilfrid asks the other residents of the home what their memories are and puts together a fine collection of memories. What follows is a tear worthy tale of joy, wisdom and loss.

If this is a favorite of yours reread it! If you have never read it to your kidlets do so! Your youngs ones will dazzle you with their empathy for Miss Nancy!

Scrumdilly-do it:

Make a memory box following the ideas in the book. Have your kidlets go on a scavenger hunt either indoors or out to collect:

*something warm
*something from long ago
*something that makes one cry
*something that makes one laugh
*something as precious as gold

Set up a staging area and have a show & tell. Your kidlets can draw pictures instead or maybe you all can sit and talk about some favorite memories whenever the chance occurs.


  1. i got choked up the first time i read this one. i am a bit of a softy though.

  2. Oh, this book makes me cry every time. My mom gave it to me because I used to work with people with Alzheimer's disease. My daughter just thinks it's a nice story and doesn't understand why I can hardly read it.

  3. isn't it simply beautiful? mem fox truly is gifted as is julie vivas!