Sunday, March 4, 2007

What's in a name? - Create custom images

Celebrate your name today! There's all kinds of fun kidlets can have with their names! It is one of the first things we learn how to write. When we are just starting out we may not know the whole alphabet in the right order but we sure do know how to spell our names! So, in honor of Celebrate Your Name Day, I offer up to you some links and other fun. Check it out!

*Sure it may be a little in the past, but the kidlets won't care when they learn their new Captain Underpants name from Scholastic! Your eight year olds will LOVE this!

*Teach your wee ones the letters of their names through finger tracing on sandpaper. Write out their names on a piece of sandpaper using a superwaxy crayon and have them use their fingers to trace each letter. The texture of the sandpaper will help with their sensory memory. You can also do this in the sandbox or at the beach! For even more fun textures, try finger writing their names in cornstarch!

*Enjoy the wonders of spoonerisms! Spooner-ize yer kidlets name by switching the first letter of their first name with the first letter of their last name and vice versa! Also super fun for school age kidlets!

*Have a dance around the living room or back yard to The Name Game or learn a new Name Game song...

*Older kidlets can create an acrostic poem about themselves using each letter in their first name.

*Read yer wee one a story about a character who shares their name. Don't know of any? Ask me, I'll see if I can hunt one down for ya!

*Pick up a personalized taggy pillow handmade just for yer wee one!

*Start yer wee ones off early with a name puzzle by Melissa & Doug.

*Make your home one of emergent literacy and write your kidlets's names everywhere! Or better yet, get yerself a Dymo label maker and go wild!

*Have a pirate party and get yer own pirate names!

Check back later for some nifty name reads!

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