Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Boredom Buster: Fireworks Painting

This is super fun and super easy and the results are always exciting! I'm sure most of you have done this when you were a kidlet but back then we turned our pictures into butterflies.

What you need:
*red, white and blue paint (of course any colors are great)
*large sheets of white or blue paper. The heavier the stock, the better.
*squirt bottles for the paint or paper cupcake liners

scrumdilly-do it!

Gather your supplies and work on a washable surface.


Fold your paper in half and start adding paint to one side ONLY! Kids can squeeze the paint onto the paper (which will allow for some great mess making opportunities) or if using the cupcake liners, simply have them push from the bottom making the liners turn inside out. Then they can "paint" with the liner or they can drip, drab and dip to their hearts' content.

Next up, fold the paper over to the other side and rub, rub , rub away.

Open and add glitter and viola! You've got fireworks! Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!


  1. How fun! My daughter and I will definitely do this today! Thanks for sharing... and a happy 4th to you and yours as well!


  2. Another great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Off topic, but where is that cutie tablecloth from?

  3. Thank you folks! Hope y'all have a blast with it and the tablecloth was a gift but it came from Target...;)

  4. Yippee and brilliant. Can't wait to try!