Monday, July 30, 2007

Let your fingers do the walking...

This is just a quick hint of fun for those moments when you really need something to do fast! You can use and ink pad or washable markers. Just let your kidlets ink themselves up, walk their fingers across their paper, embellish and viola! instant fun! If using an ink pad, you will want to use one that is washable. Discount School Supply carries large pads that are perfect for wee hands and they are refillable with Liquid Watercolor. If you decide to go the marker route, washable of course, you may want to wait for a bath night since your kidlet just may end up inking themselves up to eternity. If they do, you can read them my most favorite read aloud book ever...Purple, Green & Yellow by Robert Munsch!
Have fun!

Added: Check out Melissa's Buzz Off for nifty pics of fingerprint art in action! (I just caught it today. Darn! I have to many blogs I read...)

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