Monday, July 23, 2007

Fun with sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk is usually always a good time. I keep a bucket in my car for leaving notes to friends or writing surprise messages on the sidewalk. I have to admit I haven't done the surprise message in awhile but I do write birthday messages for my neighbors still.

When the bushee boy gets restless I pull out the chalk. He's really getting into the motion of drawing and his movements have switched from broad strokes to specific shapes. It is very exciting to watch! What am I going to do when they move away? Here's a twist on sidewalk chalk that I think most kidlets will enjoy. You can even do this on a summery rainy day!

What you need:
*sidewalk chalk
*bowl or other unbreakable container
*water to cover chalk
* a cup of sugar
*wet sidewalk, rocks, any surface that is okay to draw on, large sheets of dark paper.

scrumdilly-do it!

The chalk looks best if it gets a chance to soak, so if you can, do this the day before and/or keep the chalk stored in a container of sugar water. Add your chalk to your container and enough water to submerge. Dump about a cup of sugar into the water and watch the bubbles come to the surface just because it is fun! Set aside and let sit overnight or a few hours. Soaked chalk changes its texture and the sugar amps up the color a bit while keeping the texture semi smudge proof.
Head outside and pour a small bucket of water onto the sidewalk/pavement you are going to use. Set out the chalk and let your kidlets have a field day! You can do this on a dry sidewalk but the darker the workspace, the brighter the colors.

The wet chalk has a super nifty texture and will work on all sorts of surfaces.

A pinecone or a rock.

The best part is it can easily be hosed off! Adds some large paint brushes or sponges to see what happens when you blend the colors. Have fun and don't forget to let your kidlets experiment!

This also works great as body paint, keep away from eyes just to be safe.


  1. Hello! Just found your blog and can't wait to delve in! Looks like great projects and fun ideas! I'll be checking back often!

  2. Thank you! I hope you have a blast!

  3. hey ladie, your image of the chalk in water is over on ohdeedoh today!


    hope you are having fun on your travels. :)

  4. thank you! and we are having a blast!