Sunday, July 8, 2007

Repurposed Art Part Three

Contact paper is your friend! There are oodles of things you can do with clear contact paper. One of my favorite things is to use it to cover artwork, which I then turn into stuff!

You can make bookmarks, wallets, mobiles, window hangings and sun catchers and containers.
What you need:
*artwork by you or your wee one(s)
*clear contact paper (aka shelf paper)
*string, yarn or twine
*a hole punch

scrumdilly-do it:
Make a container. To make a container you can use one or more pieces of artwork. This project is best done by an adult or older kiddo. Measure out a square for your base. I used 5 inches.Then measure out your four sides. Mine are four by five inches.

Roll out a piece of clear contact paper to size. Add your pieces to the paper and smooth down on top. Roll out a second sheet approximately the same size and place that sheet sticky side up on your work surface. Lower your art piece down on top of the sticky side with your artwork facing down. You can also simply cover your whole piece of art in clear contact paper and then cut. Whichever floats your boat will work.
Cut out pieces and lay them out with your square in the center, artwork facing down and your sides placed around the square. Place each side on top of the square aligned with one edge artwork facing you and punch four holes into the pieces. Repeat for each side.

Overlap each piece and punch holes into the sides. Each side will have holes along three sides. The topside will be hole free.

Cut yourself a long strand of string and begin lacing your box together. I tie a knot around the first hole and then lace the bottoms with one continuous weave.

Once your sides are stitched to the bottom your box should look like this:
 Next up stitch the sides from the bottom up and then tie off at the top. Once you are done you can use your container as a plant holder or container for all sorts of stuff. You can even attach a handled and turn it into a gift bag! Just remember not to fill whatever it is you make too much. Your container will be a little bit on the delicate side. It will be sturdy enough, you just can’t fill it with heavy stuff.

Have fun!

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