Monday, July 16, 2007

Fun with Straws

Another Kitchen Craft idea: Straw Beading
All you need is straws, scissors, masking or packing tape and string. I use the tape to stiffen the ends of the yarn. You can use skinny ribbon, shoelaces, yarn, twine, etc. If your wee ones are too young for scissors, cut up the straws yourself. I got this nifty pack at the dollar store. Have a container of cut straws ready and your kidlets will always have something to do even if only for a minute or two!

String up one strand for a necklace or shake toy for a little brother or sister. String up a series and make a beaded curtain for the doorway or window or maybe even a kitchen table fort. Toss in some pasta, holey cereal and beads and who knows what your kidlets will create.

Have Fun!


  1. I had to comment on how much I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your cool ideas!

  2. Your welcome! Thank YOU for visiting!