Tuesday, March 27, 2012

make a matzoh s'more

 Passover is approaching and my local grocery stores have their kosher products out in full force. Remembering the awesome Passover-safe camp out food we had with friends a few years ago, I picked up a box of salted matzoh to make this sweet treat.
Now, you know far better than I what foods are appropriate for your observances. Either way, whether you celebrate Passover or not, might I suggest a matzoh s'more? There is something quite delicious about the thin salty cracker mixed with the ooey-sweet of the marshmallow and chocolate. Our friends preferred a dark chocolate in their mix, their kiddos (and I) preferred a milk. Don't forget the salt, it brings out the flavors of the whole shebang.

If you have access to a fire-pit or campfire, whip out the roasting sticks and make them the old fashioned way. You can also use a s'mores kit, or if you are like me and a wee bit impatient, the good old stove top makes a nice replacement. If you are not partial to the toasty goodness of an almost burnt marshmallow, pop your layered treats in the microwave for a quick melt-down. Enjoy!

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