Friday, March 16, 2012

pot o' gold cookies

Complete with rainbow coating! Well...sort of. This kooky cookie is super easy to make and packs a punch. One cookie is super-sized so don't worry about making a huge batch. One for each kiddo should suffice especially if they each paint their own.

*shortbread cookie dough
*caramel filled candies such as rollos or kisses
*liquid food color
*clean paintbrushes
*parchment paper
*cookie sheet
Start with a batch of shortbread dough and a small bowl of unwrapped caramel filled candies. Shortbread dough has the texture of a play dough so it makes for easier handling. There are no eggs in the dough so it allows for the occasional nibble without worry of salmonella. It's a win-win kind of dough!
Have your kiddo flatten out a golf ball sized bit of dough with the palm of their hand. Add a candy to the center and gently wrap dough around the candy creating a kiss-shaped cookie. Set onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and continue until you have 8-10 cookies at the ready.
Fill a small paint palette with watered down liquid food color. Have your kiddos paint up their cookies with all the rainbow colors. 
Return them back to the cookie sheet. Lining your cookie sheet with parchment will keep your sheet sticky-free as the caramel candies have the tendency to ooze out of the dough. Pop the sheet into a preheated oven (375 f) and bake for 10-12 minutes. A little less if you want a less crumble cookie but not too much more otherwise the cookie tops will burn.
Allow to cool and enjoy with a cold cup of your favorite milk beverage. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. These cookies sure look tasty! They are also fun to do, great ideas for st. partick's day!