Sunday, March 18, 2012

pinterest party

 I have to admit I am quite happy that Pinterest exists. It keeps my desktop free of eye candy clutter and helps me organize thoughts and ideas for future projects, recipes, home decor and more. I've been working on collecting fun and easy projects to bring to the kiddos at the school I work at and even managed to put two of them in action. Now, I just need to find more fun to pin!
First up are cloud jars. Here is the pin and here is the original source. The kiddos had a blast experimenting with their eyedroppers water and shaving cream. It made for a great mess and lots of exclamations as they discovered their blue and yellow drops turned green once they ran together. The first day we did this, the fun took a a while to clean up. The second time, I placed a tray under each kiddo's jar to catch all the excess excitement. We also set up one enormous vase to work on together. Listening to the children plan and make predictions made all the clean up more than worth it.
Next up, I painted up a large batch of happy sticks a la this pin from Pure and Noble. I used acrylic paint in happy colors and picked up some magnetic tape from the craft store. I also used three large pizza pans from the dollar store to use as stations for the kiddos to play at. I had no idea what would happen. I imagined there would be some color sorting, maybe some arranging and then mostly some imagination play happening thus turning the sticks into money or tokens or what have you. Sure enough, a little of everything happened. One toddler really took a liking to the blue sticks and would gather them up to carry around. Another toddler liked to arrange all the sticks, one color at a time atop their pizza pan. The 3s and 4s gathered up all the sticks and put them in the backs of their cars. So not a total bust.

I am looking forward to putting more Pins into action, This week I think I will do this one and next week we'll tackle the cloud dough. Happy pinning!

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