Thursday, March 15, 2012

shamrockin' pop corn!

 Making a snack for St. Patrick's Day is pretty easy. All you need to do is fill up on green things. Here all you need is some popped popcorn. I would recommend fresh popped but used a microwavable bag for the photo and an assortment of green candies. It's the whole salty sweet thing that wins here.
 Have your kiddos wash up their hands and ask them to sort a bowl full of treats. All the green goodies go into the green bowl. Here we have Easter m&ms, mini m&ms, & sixlets.

Add a healthy does of mini marshmallows for variety. And mix it all into the popped popcorn. If the popcorn is warm, all the better. The marshmallows and chocolate bits will melt a smidge, boosting the flavor up a notch or two.
 If you are serving to the grown-ups in the group or perhaps some teens or an adventurous kiddo or two, add a handful of HOT wasabi peas. Be careful of the brand I used up there. Those little green things are HOT HOT HOT!

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