Monday, March 25, 2013

change is approaching...

While I have focused on bringing you projects and experiences for you to do with your children these last five or six years, I have to admit that I really yearn to make connections in what and how your children are really learning. I've written about it before but I am an educator at heart with a deep empowered belief in the philosophies of Fredrich Froebel,  Magda Gerber, Rudolph Steiner, and the Reggio Emilia approach. Our world is changing quickly everyday with more and more pushing towards an accelerated approach to academic learning (eegads, the things they are throwing at our kindergarteners). Tearing the curtain down, I'm hoping that by visiting here and other lovely spaces and blogs, you will find a confidence in slowing down and allowing your child to grow and develop on their own. Trust in those little brains and enormous hearts.

I have had the heartache to learn that I will not be a mother to my own children but my entire adult life has been steeped in learning and observing children at work and in their developmental stages a la Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Bronfenbrenner, and the like. It is my aim to add more content on a developmental level and so now I introduce to you links from the web world that you may find interesting, astounding, reassuring, or even appalling. Not everyone will agree with these points or beliefs but I do hope that you find something that interests you and your children. Thank you from my heart for continuing this journey with me!

To begin:

*my pinterest board for developmental goodies
*a favorite blog
*an introduction to Piaget video
*a favorite picture book
*a lovely post on slowing down


  1. HI Jessica. I too am in shoes like yours. I am 39 and can't have children of my own but I own a small day care on our farm and I am around children every day. I don't follow a learning curriculum here as some child care centers offer. Rather I go with what the kids are ready for as I see it. We do paint and make things and I do work with them on several stages as well as a lot of outdoor learning. I can't wait to follow the links you gave and I am a huge fan of your books selections already. You are wonderful!

    1. Hi peppysis! I had no idea you ran a school/care center! We are sisters-in-adventure! I often wish I could run my own school but for now I work in a small center that is quite delightful and I add whimsy and such to this blog. Feel free to contact me anytime for book lists. I do love my books and THANK you for continuing your support!

  2. I am looking forward to the new direction that you are headed with your blog. Ohhh, I have to warn you that they are throwing things at preschoolers now as well! Didn't you hear, Kindergarten is the new 1st grade and pre-K is actually K now.

    1. Oh yes, don't I know it! I work at a play-based school that does its best to focus on play and process but still prep the kiddos for the new kindergarten standards. Big sigh! thank you for following the 'do!