Saturday, March 23, 2013

diy rainbow cakes

 I really had meant to post this BEFORE St. Patrick's Day but there was a bit of a snafu that involved canceling our internet and a dead laptop. I'm back now and I really do believe that rainbows are cause for celebration year-round, don't you? So in a nutshell, I bring you an easy diy alternative to funfetti cake which is probably less easy than using a box of funfetti mix, but your kiddos will thank you when they get to mash the fruity pebbles with a rolling pin so why not?**

*one box yellow cake mix or this recipe
*two cups fruity pebbles
*small zip-close bag
*rolling pin
*cupcake pan and liners
*heavy cream
*spoon, etc.
Place one cup of fruity pebbles into you baggie, seal and hand your kiddo a rolling pin (we used a seasonal XTREME color box of cereal). Let them roll away to create fruity dust. Follow the recipe on the back of your cake mix box or use this recipe or other favorite plain cake recipe. Before adding your eggs, oil and the rest, dump your new fruity dust into the mix or dry ingredients and stir with a wooden spoon to incorporate. Mix well with your remaining ingredients and pour into your prepared muffin pan. Children love placing liners into the cups so let them have a go at it. 

Bake according to your recipe and allow to cool. While cooling, whip a cup (or two) of heavy cream with one tablespoon of sugar until peaks form. Don't over-sweeten it. There is plenty of sweet both in the mix and the cereal topping you are going to add. 
Once cool, set up a decorating station and allow your kiddo(s) to add a dollop of cream to their cupcake then a smattering or more of the cereal to the top. 
 Take a zillion happy photos and enjoy with your favorite milk beverage!

**the pebbles crumb up easier than the loops, they also add a super nice crunch as a topping that is of all things actually quite delicate. They were a win all around save for the mister who thought adding faux fruity anything to cupcakes was a waste; but he's just a bit grumpy like that.

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  1. I like how the fruity pebbles turned out in the cake... nice speckles :)