Thursday, March 28, 2013

make embroidery hoop eggs

 I found a small bag of hoops at my local thrift a while ago and thought I would turn the ovals into eggs. I'm posting the projects up over at scrumdillydilly but two of them are especially kid-friendly and thought I would post the how-tos here. First up...make an embroidered egg using yarn.

embroidery hoop egg: stitched
*small oval embroidery hoop
*small piece of burlap large enough for the hoop
*plastic large-eyed needle or other other 
*yarn (this egg uses three different colors) or embroidery floss
*paint optional
Set up a paint friendly work area and have your kiddo paint up the hoop while you gather other supplies. Make sure to take apart the two pieces. This hoop is painted with a neon red acrylic paint. If you are using acrylic paints and are a bit of a neat-nik, make sure your kiddo is wearing paint-friendly clothing or a smock. We used a sponge brush to paint this hoop. Hoops dry pretty quickly...within half an hour.

Once dry add a drops of glue (white glue will work fine but Tacky glue is better) around the outside of the inside hoop. Place burlap over the gluey hoop and place the utside hoop over the whole mess pulling the burlap taut. If it is proving to be difficult, make sure to loosen the screw on the outside hoop until it almost falls off. Then tighten and tug everything into place. Trim excess burlap with scissors. If you do not have burlap you can try a few layers of cheesecloth. You want something with a large open weave so that it is easy or your kiddo to sew.
Thread the needle with yarn and tie into place if needed, or double up the yarn and tie at the end. Young children don't master the whole not-pulling-the-needle-off-the-yarn-entirely thing just yet. A small knot will hold the yarn to the needle while still being able to poke through the burlap.Before your kiddo uses up every inch of yarn, tie it off so that it doesn't come undone but then again, if you are hanging this on the wall or using as a decoration, the yarn should nestle nicely in the burlap without coming out unless pulled.  Switch out yarn if you wish and continue the process! 

I'll post another egg hoop in a short while. I'm up to my eyebrows in allergies and this wheezing is a party pooper.

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