Friday, March 15, 2013

lace it up for St. Patrick's Day

There is hardly anything new to lacing up a cereal necklace for fun but here is my take on it anyway. A few years ago I did a rainbow necklace using fruity cereal for St. Patrick's Day, this time around I have tossed in some developmental goodness to the mix.
*waxed dental floss
*two bowls 
You can use any ring-shaped fruity cereal for this but to make it easier for your twos, threes, and fours, I would recommend Apple Jacks as there are only two colors for sorting and one of them is green! Set a bowl of cereal out onto the table, along with a cupcake liner or other small bowl and have your kido sort out the green loops. Sorting the small cereal pieces helps work those fine motor skills while color recognition works thos pre-math skills.
 Tie a length of waxed dental floss (floss works a little easier for lacing and won;t stick to the sugary cereal) to the eye of the needle so that your child doesn't lose the tail and tie a loop of cereal somewhere near the other end to keep the loops from falling off the floss.
  Now your kiddo can lace up their necklace to their heart's content or until they run out of green loops. 
You can also limit their necklace stringing to a specific number to help them practice their counting skills. 

Once finished, tie off the two ends (or if you are like me, use a wad of washi-tape) and pop over the top of your kiddo's (or yours) head to keep the pinches at bay! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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