Friday, March 29, 2013

just enjoying the moment

 I spent the day spearheading the great egg dyeing of 2013. I had thought of oodles of ideas and then found even more on pinterest and arrived at the homestead with a very full bag and a plan to create alien eggs with the nephew a-go-go. Ultimately though, I loosened the reins and let him explore, dip, dye, and have fun. It is, after all, all about the experience not the end product...which, by-the-way came out pretty fantastic if you ask me. 

We began with water, vinegar, and food color. Added some margarine-like spread, then some oil and then some baking soda. There was a moment when we attempted some tie-dyeing but then we went a little dippy. There was dipping of eggs and then the dipping of paper towels, followed by the dipping of lace and then the dipping of hands. Our color cups went from red, purple, pink, green, etc. to all purple all the time. Our hands eventually came clean(ish) but the muffin pan I am sorry to say a little less so.

Sometimes, you just gotta let it go and enjoy the moment.


  1. I totally dipped folded paper towels in the dye to make cool tie-dye patterns after dying eggs this year! LOL! I wish I'd thought to take pictures to post on my own blog, but I was having fun enjoying the moment myself! ;)

    1. Hee-hee...I think a lot of us are young at heart and love the opportunity to get messy! So much fun can be had...yay for being dippy. ;)