Friday, June 15, 2007

Dollar Store Painting...

and some gift wrap for Father's Day!

I can't really help ya on what to make for the Dads out there but I can help ya with how to wrap it all up! Have your kidlet(s) make a sheet of driven gift wrap*!

What you need:
*toy cars, the more the merrier
*brightly colored paint
*large sheet of paper, the back side of a sheet of griftwrap or paper bag
*splat mat/large work space

scrumdilly-do it:
Squirt a bunch of colors three or four is nice. Any more and you may end up with brown paint from all the mixing. Have your wee ones "drive" their car(s) through the paint.

Next, all they have to do is play cars on the paper, re-dipping as they see fit. Set aside to dry and wrap, wrap, wrap away!

Using different sized cars and different types of wheels will add an interesting pattern to the paper. Driving the cars through the paint and then onto the paper helps build small motor skills and fosters creativity. Open up the dialogue with your kidlet as she or he paints. If you use different types of cars with different wheels, see if they can match which car did which line and so on. Most of all, have fun!
*Painting with cars isn't just for dads and some dads may prefer it if ya painted with something else. Is your father a chef? Paint with a potato masher. Is he a florist? Paint with flowers and plants. Does your dad like to dance? Paint your feet and dance on the paper! The possibilities are truly endless!

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