Friday, June 29, 2007

Repurposed art part uno

Make envelopes part one! Being a parent of a kidlet or two genrerally guarantees you an endless supply of their artwork. From school to clubs to classes to boredom busters your kidlets probably seem to always bring another piece of artwork to you. Why not repurpose it? For the next few days I will shout out a few ideas starting with one that will help share the lurve. Turn your wee one's artwork into envelopes!

What you need:
*envelope templates or plain old envelopes
*a pencil
*glue stick
*artwork (you can use magazines and coloring book pages also)

scrumdilly-do it:
Flip your kidlet's artwork over and trace an envelope pattern onto the back.
Cut out shape, fold, glue and you're done! Easy as pie. If you have a non-perfectionist as a wee one, have him or her cut do all the work. I would recommend this for kidlets 8 and up. Younger kidlets can do this of course but it can get frustrating with all the tracing and cutting. Make a set of envelopes to give family and friends or you can fill them up with letters and send them on their way.
You can make quick notecards with supplies from around the house. An index card & stickers make a nifty notecard. Fold, decorate, write a note, stuff it in and send!

Coming up next. Make tiny treasure envelopes using a giftcard envie as a template!
Envelope templates can be found at Paper Source. You can also download templates at Mirkwood Designs.


  1. Whee this is a great idea. Going to have to do this with the girls next weekend.

  2. I love this idea! I'm looking at a huge-mongous pile of artwork now that grows everyday! I can't part with it, but what a great thing to make a bunch & give as gifts!