Monday, June 18, 2007

Paint with what?

curler painting: fin
Paint with curlers! Who knew there were so many kinds of curlers out there? Not only that, they are out there at the dollar store so if you somehow threw away all those pink spongy curlers you used to roll your hair in, you can pick up a small multi-pack for a buck!

What you need:
*curlers of any style, the more the merrier
*tempera or acrylic paint
*paper plate or plastic tray or cookie sheet to squirt paint on
curler painting:  supplies
scrumdilly-do it:

Squirt two or more colors of paint onto your paper plate or tray. Set out curlers and let the fun begin!
curler painting: getting ready
Have your wee ones roll or smoosh or dab their curler into the paint.
curler painting: action
Roll, dab or smoosh paint sodden curler across paper.
curler painting: how it works
Ta-da! That's it! It is super simple and super fun. The more variety of curlers you have, the more interesting textures your wee ones will produce. Dialogue with your kidlets as they go along. Ask them questions about the curlers. What do they think will happen? What kind of marks will the curler make? The best part about this type of painting is getting a feel for how your kidlets think, how they analyze cause and effect, and just how amazing their imaginations are!
curler painting: rings

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  1. Love it. Love the "rings" from the ends, too.