Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Art through a straw!

This project is fun for kidlets 3 1/2 and up. If your kidlet can master the distinction between blowing through the straw and not drinking then younger kidlets can do this also. It's fun, slightly messy and the end result is pretty nifty!
What you need:
*drinking straws
*2 or 3 colors of paint. Acrylic, tempera, food color or liquid watercolor will work
*containers (i used ice cream dishes from our local scoop shop)
scrumdilly-do it!
Set out your supplies in a mess free zone. Two or three colors of paint are best, otherwise you will end up with brown once all the colors mix. Put some paint into your containers. You can use paper cups, silicone cupcake liners, or tupperware. My nifty trick of paper liners won't work because of the water you will be adding to your paint.
Add a tablespoon or so of water to your paint, food color, etc. and mix.
Drop a dollop of paint onto the painting surface.
Position straw over, about and around the blob of paint and blow!
straw painting: in action
Have your kidlets experiment. What happens when they blow directly over the paint? What happens when they blow to the side? Softer? Harder? The more watery your paint, the more movement you will get.

Finish up and let dry. Your kidlets can add more to their painting once it dries. Adding other colors once it dries will create a layering effect and can look quite neato-cool! You can also add glitter and/or salt for more pizazz.


  1. I remember doing this as a kid with black ink to make scary halloween trees. I plan on doing this once the kids are old enough to direct the blowing into branch shapes. But this post makes me think it would be an excellent project now to use up more of that left over easter egg dye I still have.

  2. Love this! I linked this page to my blog to give other examples of how this project can be done. My
    2nd graders loved using this fun technique!