Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Donut Day!

What is it with al the foodie days here in the states...yikes! In honor of Donut Day I have a few fdoguh-nutty ideas up my sleeve but for starters I will share with you a nifty fun donutty read for kidlets four and up...methinks kidlets in second and thrid grade would really enjoy this book!

Written and Illustrated by: Laurie Keller
Published by: Henry Holt and Company 2003

This adorable and wickedly funny book is the story of Arnie, a freshly made doughnut, who naively believes he has been purchased to be Mr. Bing's new best friend. He only comes to the cruel realization that he is a delightful treat when he is mere inches from Mr. Bing's wide open mouth.
Arnie suddenly realizes that he was made to be eaten...

Arnie has a freak out and demands to use the telephone. He calls the bakery to warn the other doughnuts that they are all going to be eaten and is met with disbelief when they tell him they already know and they are actually HAPPY about it.

Arnie and Mr. Bing make an agreement. Mr. Bing will not eat him but he needs to prove useful so that Mr. Bing's money is not wasted. Both make a long list of possible uses for Arnie but soon realize that Arnie is a doughnut and only a doughnut. They bid adieu and Arnie tearfully leaves. But something makes Mr. Bing rethink his postion and he decides that perhaps, Arnie could be his friend...THE END.
beware of doughnut

The humor in this book shines through the illustrations by Ms. Keller. Little quips and sidebars add to the fun reading and kidlets can join in as they too think of ideas for what else Arnie could do. Other books by Laurie Keller can be found here.

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  1. hey there,
    I am new to blogging and I love ur blog have added it to my must see list....keep up the great work....I have tried the playdough ...which my kids love....but ours was lime flava...and am definately goin to do mini donuts this week...yum...mayb some mini jam ones will be in order....YUM....
    luv Abby

  2. yay for mini anything! lime dough must have been ever so pretty! i would love to see a picture if you ever snap one! thanks for reading and happy day after donut day!