Saturday, June 9, 2007


Thank you to Dani, Mommy extraordinaire for sending me these pics of her kidlets frosting donuts! Check it out!

The doers:
*Elliot 15 months
*Ashley 11
*Jereb 9 years

scrumdilly-doers frost donuts!
scrumdilly-doers frost donuts part two


  1. It was my daughter's 4th birthday today. After frosting her butterfly cake with pink & yellow cream cheese frosting, we had a ton left. So, guess what my girlies will be doing tomorrow. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas.

  2. I love my kidlets! They had so much fun with this activity too! Thanks for such a great idea! :) Ashley and I were going through some of your past activities and she's decided she wants to make the little tartlets this week. I cant wait! And you'll definitely be getting pictures again! btw - they saw the string donut eating thing and were bummed we didn't save any of ours to do that with, so we might have that in our future too. ;)

  3. wowser! Thos are some mad crazy donuts! What fun.