Saturday, June 2, 2007

Make your own Arnie!

Or make your own anthropomorphic donut*...'ve read Arnie a couple dozen times and your kidlets noticed all the other nifty players in the background. Why not hold a donut making party and make your own Arnie or version of him? I'm all for creating whatever you like so bear in mind this example is by no means directions to be followed EXACTLY. I made Arnie because he makes me laugh and I have to admit this one has tickled me so much that I believe he will remain a permanent fixture in my kitchen. Now onto the Arnie making:

What you need:
*styrofoam rings from your craft store, the smaller, the better
*acrylic paint in colors of your choosing
*felt for mouth and eyes or buttons and other doodads
*sequins, beads or actual cupcakes sprinkles
*white glue and perhaps a stronger glue for the felt bits
*pipe cleaners for arms and legs
*paintbrushes or sponges

scrumdilly-do it:
Have your kidlet paint the the "top" of their shape one color.

Let dry and then paint inside and outside and back of their ring another color (this is only suggestion, let them paint it however they want!) and set aside to dry. Now is the time to dialogue with your kidlets about what kind of donut she or he is going to make. Ask questions about the look and personality of their donut. Is their donut an indoor one or outdoor one. Is he or she allergic to cats? Can their donut dance? Get their creative juices flowing, write it down if you can and they can make their own book to go along with their donut.
Now it is time for the facial features. Add your eyes and mouth and then decorate with sprinkles and such. I used felt and real cupcake sprinkles. Unfortunately my camera decided not to share those steps so all I have for you are the pictures for the eyes...fascinating, I know!
Next, pop pipecleaners into the sides for arms and the bottom for legs. Sorry, no pictures, and you are done! You may want to poke a hole with your pipecleaner first then squirt some glue nside then pop the pipecleaner back in. Ta-da! Your very own anthropomorphic donut!

And now it is time for a non-donut-ty snack and puppet show with the new gang!

*you can also do this using salt dough. Have your wee ones create their donuts and then bake them in the oven. Once cooled your kidlets can paint and decorate and make their donuts as flashy as they please.

Either way you do it, have fun and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see pictures of your creations! Contact me with questions, suggestions, comments and/or pictures at gmail! scrumdillydo

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