Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brush your teeth; Paint a picture

Paint with toothbrushes!

What you need:
*acrylic or tempera paint (watercolor works also if you like)
*a pack of toothbrushes from the dollar store

scrumdilly-do it:

Gather your supplies. I used dark paper and light paint to mix it up a little.
dsa tbp supplies
Squirt a couple of paint colors onto a paper plate, lid or tray.
dsa tbp2
Let your wee ones dip their toothbrushes into the paint and…well…paint!
dsa tbp1
dsa tbp3
They can use the brushes as paintbrushes and smoosh away to their hearts’ content or, if they are a little bit older and more reserved you can teach them to goop up their toothbrushes so they are super saturated, and then flick the paint onto the paper. This may be best done outside with the paper placed in a paint and mess friendly place. This would be a fun activity for a small group of kidlets and a long, long ream of butcher paper, craft paper or a solid roll of gift-wrap. I picked up a six pack of toothbrushes at the dollar store! Have fun!