Friday, March 14, 2014

cocoa kitchen cloud dough

I added a few packs of sugar-free cocoa mix to our cloud dough. I figured the sugar-free cocoa would be a smidge less sticky when and if it got wet. It was a hit with the kiddos! They said the dough smelled soooooo good!
Here's what it looked like in our tray. I added a pack of sequined styrofoam balls for marshmallows that also made their way to our play dough. measuring spoons, wooden spoons, scoops, cake molds, and a funnel also made an appearance.
 The cups came from IKEA and were a lovely gift from my co-conspirator. They are so happy and colorful and twee. We also drink water of out of them occasionally. Water alwasy tastes better when drunk from twee cups.
This marshmallow came out of our 1/4 measuring cup and was quickly more popular than the styrofoam balls. Of course it was!

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