Thursday, March 6, 2014

ice and watercolors

 For our week of The Mitten, I added ice to one of our water bins. I made the ice the night before using small plastic bowls and storage containers. I plopped it into our water bin, added a palette of caked watercolors, a dash or two of glitter, and paintbrushes.
 There were also mittens available if the children wanted to pick up the ice with mittens or not. The paintbrushes, however, were most popular.
 This young lady spent most of the day painting the ice. There were a lot of comments about the water changing color, mixing new colors, and feeling the water to see if it was still "Icy, Icy, Cold!"

Thank goodness I brought extra ice to the classroom! I really loved the dialogue that was happening between the children as they visited the table. My co-worker who shares the room with me on alternate days, added water to balloons and then had the children add color before freezing them. I did not get photos but they were really gorgeous and the children loved exploring their sculptures. I'm going to have to try that as well...perhaps when the weather warms up!

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