Tuesday, March 18, 2014

oh, the fun that we had: seussian sculptures

This classic Seuss-inspired project is usually done with small balls of play dough. I did not want to use our play dough and wanted the children to explore a different medium and so I came up with this.
Our pool noodle slices are fantastic! They are great for water play, make for super fun stampers, are fun to build with when you add shaving cream, and have even become fried fish out in our play yard. After poking a few holes in them with some acrylic cocktail stirrers I picked up they became basis for poking pipe cleaners and play truffula trees into.
The set up included pipe cleaner truffulas, pipe cleaners, feathers, beads, cut straw pieces, and colored toothpicks. The children poked, and twisted away for a good half hour as they created sculptures that they then took apart to create another. They worked together and cooperatively and it was super fun and colorful to watch.

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