Sunday, March 16, 2014

oh the fun we had: ring the gack

In One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish there is a page dedicated to The Gack and the game of Ringing the Gack where the children in the book toss rings upon the gack's antlers. I thought how fun would it be to have our own gack? Then I realized I had no energy to actually whip up one but we did have our classroom tree so why not get rings to toss onto it?  Oh my goodness! While trying to find an image of the gack for you I just now found this, this, and this. Fun stuff!
I originally wanted to use dollar store bracelets for our gack (from One Fish...) rings but could not find them anywhere. I was at Target and eyeballed this set of baby linking rings but did not want to pay $10 for them. I went back later and found them reduced to under $6 (online even cheaper) and snatched them up. The children loved tossing and hanging them on our gack. They also liked linking them together and/or sorting them by color. The colors are super fun and the sturdiness is much better than the cheapie dollar store bracelets I was thinking of. The following week, the children talked a lot about the rings, their gack, and how they connected the links. Along the way they made connections from their play to the literature and they picked up new vocabulary words such as connecting, rings, and links. It was stupendous fun!

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