Friday, March 14, 2014

oh the fun that we had: our dr. seuss week

We crammed a lot into our week of Seuss. It was all Seuss all the time and I'm just about pooped remembering it all. More thorough posts to follow but here is a snapshot:
Eraser matching in blue sand. I found the erasers at Target in the dollar spot and the sand came from Michael's. This was a lesson in conservation. I write that a bit wryly as this fine colored sand had the tendency to stick top to things and one of the children really liked pouring it onto the floor. I decided to add restrictions to how this was played with which was a first for the children. They are used to full body exploration and with this there were limits. It was a learning curve that opened up a discussion on how some things need to be played with differently.
The sock sort was a lot of fun. The children counted and sorted the socks all on their own. They would pile up the blue socks or the orange socks. They would hide socks from each other and ask Who has this sock? in a game they made up. I purchased three packs of three socks from the dollar store for a total of $3. Perfect and we can bring it out again next year. I may add a timer to the fun as well, or a bell.
I printed out these sock coloring sheets thinking I would send them home with the children to extend their Dr. Seuss week. Instead, I covered two sheets in contact paper and set them out as play dough mats. One youngster surprised me by spending a good thirty minutes press, rolling, and shaping the dough into a Seuss-shaped sock. There were beads and textured rollers set out as well.
 For one of our math projects we went on a star hunt. I used post-it note stars found on sale at an office supply store and stuck them all over the room. Masking tape was used to create our graph into two sections. One for orange stars and one for yellow stars. The children hunted and sorted then practiced their one-to-one correspondence as they counted the stars. The next class day the children found that the star were hiding again and off they went to search, graph, and count on their own. The quantity of stars was different and they were excited to tell me all about it.

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