Tuesday, March 4, 2014

dr. seuss fun

We're in the throes of our week of Seuss and I wanted to share with you what we are doing. The children are having a blast and I am loving most every moment of it! There will be even more later in the week but here is what I set up the classroom with so far.

*cotton ball art for truffula trees via In Lieu of Preschool (the lorax)
*straw cutting 
*pool noodle sculptures (this was one of those would this work ideas that I am quite pleased with)
*felt egg sorting; which I thought of forever ago but then discovered it all lover the place. I like Pink and Green Mama's post (green eggs and ham)
*Seuss eraser matching & sorting in blue sand (found the erasers at Target $1 spot and sand came from Michael's)
*Cat in the Hat Memory Game (found ours at Target this year)
*cork and button building via No Time For Flashcards
*crazy play dough fun
*magnetic fishing (one fish, two fish)
*sock sorting (fox in socks)
*cup stacking via Mom on Time Out (cat hats minus their stripes)
*the cotton ball set up
*star hunting and graphing using star shaped post-it notes (sneetches)

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